Rental Policy

Camera & Accessory Rentals

Please call to inquire about rental availability. Due to the high number of no-shows, first time renters cannot reserve equipment over the phone.

In order to rent we need a current & valid Driver’s License as well as a Credit Card, not Debit Cards. We can no longer authorize holds on Debit Cards. Cash Deposits or Proof of liability insurance can be used in place of a Credit Card.


Try It Before You Buy It

Are you interested in buying a digital or film camera or lens? You can rent it first to make sure it will meet your needs, and apply fifty-percent of your last rental fee as a discount off the selling price of the item(s). The “Try It Before You Buy It” service applies to all used cameras and lenses, and to many of our new cameras and lenses.

 Rental Conditions

The person renting equipment accepts the merchandise described on the Rental Contract and states by signing the Rental Contract that it was in good condition at the time received. The lessee agrees to pay the rental rate for the period the merchandise is used and further agrees to return the merchandise in good condition at the end of the rental period. The lessee also agrees to pay for any damages to, or loss of the rental merchandise occurring during the rental period, plus all applicable rental fees for the time period required to complete all repairs. Repair will be charged at current rates of the repair source selected by the lessor.

Further, a full days rental is charged even for a partial day’s use. The lessee agrees to pay the regular rental rate for each day that the merchandise is in his/her possession, or until it is returned to the lessor. The lessee also agrees to pay for any charges incurred by him/her to recover the merchandise not promptly returned when requested. The lessor retains title to the merchandise and further, the lessor assumes no responsibility for damage to film materials/digital storage media or other liability of any kind resulting from the use of the equipment. Additional charges will be made if equipment is not returned promptly.

Rentals not returned by 5:30 pm Monday through Friday or 4:30 pm on Saturday will incur an addition day’s rental fee charge. All Friday rentals returned by 5:30 pm Monday will incur only a one-day charge. It is the full responsibility of the renter/user to know how to operate the equipment rented. Items not picked up or cancelled within 24 hours of rental will be charged a one-day charge to the credit card on file.